NNFpp is a C++ evolution of the C library NNF developed by Alessandro Presta. NNFpp incorporate some algorithms from NNF and other created specifically for NNFpp. For every question about this library send me an e-mail. If you use this library for some project, and if you want, send me an e-mail with: project's name, author, a little description and eventually a link to that project so I can maintain an updated list!!

A neural network can perform many activities: categorization, recognition and many more. NNFpp can help you to develope C++ code that uses neural nets in easy and fast way. This class is compatible with the C++ standard and can be used on all OS. In the package you can find the Borland C++ Builder project file and a tutorial which can be compiled with all the compilers.


February 2007 Released version 3.0.1
Fixed some bug and added an STL version of NNFpp (written by Worik).
October 2006 Released version 3.0
New function for shuffle training; a new function to test neural networks.
May 2006 Released version 2.0
New activation function; a new class for errors management.
April 2006 Released version 1.0.2
Fixed bug in Learning function.
March 2006 Released version 1.0.1
Fixed problems with ResetNet function; new structure of file for NNFpp, for compatibility with new version of NNFpp add in top of your .nnf file the string "MLP".
March 2006

Released version 1.0

Copyright (C) 2006 by Failla Pierluigi